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SMS sexting(+18+): The Quickest Ways to Win Attention


The thrill of sending nude photos and provocative messages through a cellphone easily gets anyone’s attention.

Make sure to remember the following when you send SMS sex texts:

Be Witty

Yes, humorous sexting can definitely win you big points. Use words or jokes that the two of you are most familiar with. This will definitely spice up your intimacy.

Send Creative Photos

Your cellphone is like a regular camera so put some concept shots when you send photos to die for.

Be Light

In sending messages, just focus on happy thoughts. Avoid highly divisive or potentially emotionally loaded messages that would turn your partner away.

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    By John on Aug 18, 2013

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  4. Hello this is my first time so idk wat I’m doing

    By aaron on Sep 15, 2013

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